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Point 1  So Exciting to See Your Steak Sizzling in front of You

The most distinctive feature of Pepper Lunch is our unique serving style; "Sizzle-it-your-way" DIY serving style by which our customers cook for themselves with approximately 300 degree C (570 degree F) iron plates.
You can not only enjoy the tasty steak, but also experience the excitement and entertainment of watching your steak sizzling in front of you.
"Sizzle-It-Your-Way" -- Cook your steak perfectly done and seasoned as you wish.

Point 2  Our Commitment to Serve the Finest Quality of Meat

"Our goal is to serve tasty steak for everyone at a reasonable price."
This is what Pepper Lunch has always committed to right from the beginning.
We put tremendous effort into the quality control of beef: strict quality standards in parts, ripening period, and cutting.
"We always offer a product that is attractive in itself." This is Pepper Lunch's basic principle.

Ripening Period

The ripening period of beef is strictly controlled in order to increase the flavor so that our customers can always enjoy the same taste.

The method of a cut

The quality of all of the beef we serve is thoroughly checked at our headquarters, and only beef that passes our standards is delivered to Pepper Lunch restaurants.

Beef Supplier

We purchase reliable and high-quality beef mainly from a meet processor in Kansas, USA.


  • The geographical advantage of being close to corn-producing areas such as Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota: Corn is the primal feed for beef cattle and it is essential to have easy access to high quality feed for breeding high quality beef cattle. Most of the beef cattle bred here are Angus or Angus Cross and our supplier is well known for producing an extremely high quantity of Choice Grade beef.
  • A huge space is reserved for cattle in order to reduce their stress before being slaughtered.
  • Introducing a fully automated system for interim storage and shipping, which is quite different from the conventional pallet loading system, allows for cold air to circulate and chill the whole surface of each carton in the warehouse. It enables quick and even refrigeration after packing, helping to keep the products fresh.

Point 3  Keep Your Steak Hot Longer

Even the most tasty steak can be spoiled when it goes cold after a while.
You must have had this type of disappointing experience before.
At Pepper Lunch, we serve our steak on a special iron plate (patented in Japan) that keeps the temperature at approximately 80 degrees C (175 degrees F) for 20 minutes. That means you can enjoy your steak piping hot until the last bite.
With our inventive iron plate, it is only at Pepper Lunch that you can enjoy your steak piping hot until the last bite.

Special Iron Plate and Electromagnetic Cooker

  • Our special iron plate with high thermal efficiency (patented in Japan) can be heated properly in as quick as one minute by using our electromagnetic cooker (patented in Japan). It only takes a few minutes to serve a dish of steak and vegetables on an iron plate that is heated at 300 degree C (570 degree F).
  • This is our original serving style that defies imitation while being used all around the world.
  • The iron plate keeps its temperature at approximately 80 degrees C (175 degrees F) for 20 minutes after initial serving so that our customers can enjoy their steaks at hot temperatures for longer.
  • This serving style also improves not only the quality of ingredients, but also the quality of our top-seller low priced steak tremendously. This also allows the menu to be more innovative.
  • It brings "Pepper Rhythm" back in our restaurants. The quicker we serve, the better: We try hard to avoid making our customers wait and are always working to improve our productivity.

Point 4  You Never Get Tired of Our Original Steak Butter and Sauce

Pepper Lunch's original blend butter and steak sauce, developed and improved since our establishment, satisfies our customers well enough to make them come back to our restaurants repeatedly.
It is worth tasting our original butter and sauce -- They're so yummy you can't help coming back for more!

Steak Butter

This butter is made from our original recipe, mixed with crispy fried garlic and special sauce. It gives steak a full flavor and depth that you can never taste anywhere else.

Steak Sauce

Specially blended sauce with ingredients including soy sauce and garlic gives sizzling hot steak an irresistibly appetizing smell and flavor.

Point 5  The Finest Salt and Pepper

The key to seasoning a steak is to use salt and pepper in the right way. When seasoning, try to focus on every grain of salt and pepper pouring onto the steak as if you could count the number of grains you use.
In this way, you can appreciate the spirit of President Ichinose, the chef who founded Pepper Lunch.


The coarsely ground black pepper used at Pepper Lunch is freshly ground by our staff every morning at every restaurant in gratitude for our customers.
This is Pepper Lunch's tradition that has never stopped or changed in the past and will continue on this way in the future.

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